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Why I am going to buy a Dell again

Dell Dimension 9150

About two years ago, I purchased a high end Dell Dimension system for a tidy sum of money. At that time, I was contemplating whether or not I should purchase the three year warranty and decided to invest on it. Not thinking any further, two years later, for some reason or another, my Dell machine’s network card suddenly failed. The bad thing about it all is that it failed on the Friday just before Hari Raya and by the time I had got back from my vacation, the Dell office was closed.

The next working Tuesday, I called up the Dell support center and reported my problem. Twenty minutes later, it was determined that my network card was dead. Immediately, the really professional guy on the phone said that he would dispatch an engineer to my house. My contract meant that the Dell service personnel was to come and visit me the very next day, but I was not free and requested for the technician to show up on Saturday. The parts were delivered to me on Wednesday and on Friday morning the engineer, Tri, called to confirm the appointment for the next day.

Tri’s professionalism blew me away. He arrived on time on Saturday and immediately started working on my computer. He was very polite and very friendly. Although he didn’t really have to (I am assuming this is so), he asked for my vacuum cleaner. Then, he patiently cleaned up my system and fixed everything that needed fixing. When the computer rebooted, he went on to check my virus pattern updates, got it all updated, played some sounds and tested everything. I was extremely happy with the service rendered.

Michael Dell probably won’t read this blog page, but my next purchase 2 years from now, will definitely be a Dell machine. Paying that little bit more for the support was worth every penny.